8 Secrets to Making a Great Impression on Anyone

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There’s no such thing as second chances when it comes to making a great first impression. Whether you like it or not, it only takes a few seconds for people to make an opinion – and often, it sticks.

It can be challenging to put your best foot forward all the time, so we’ve gathered up some quick tips and tricks to make sure that from now on, you’ll knock the socks off every person you meet.

  1. Research shows that people make their first impressions of you in just two seconds, so there’s really no time to lose. (Inc.)
  2. Making a killer impression needs a killer attack plan—just like the one here. (Forbes)
  3. A few tips that former presidents used to connect with anyone are surprisingly effective. (Chamber of Commerce)
  4. Making a great impression depends a lot of how trustworthy you seem, so be sure you’re not doing these things that could be holding you back. (Science)
  5. These three simple rules for getting people to like you are always helpful to keep in mind. (Elite Daily)
  6. Television ads have 30 seconds to persuade the audience, and this is how you can use similar principles in your life when meeting new people. (HBR)
  7. Impressing others means it’s not all about you—in fact, research shows that encouraging other people to talk more may make them like you a lot. (The Week)
  8. If all else fails and your first impression wasn’t stellar, don’t lose hope—here’s how to use your second impression to fix it all. (Inc.)

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