Client Recommendations

Marty, “. . . for the record I finalized my deal yesterday and start tomorrow as SVP with XXXXXXXXXXXX in NY.  Thanks for all you did, the CEO did have the resume in front of him with notes and highlights on it.  Well worth the $$.”

“Marty is absolutely fantastic to work with. He has vast experience and knowledge and truly is an expert writer.” (CTO)

“Marty will have a permanent spot in my rolodex, not just as a resume writer, but as a trusted advisor and astute career consultant.”

“Martin takes his time to understand you and then create a resume that recruiters are looking for. I sent my resume out to three different people and every one has come back with interest. Go with Marty, you won’t regret it!!”

“Listen, when I needed to get the phone ringing and jumpstart my search for a new opportunity I contacted Marty! He has become an important of my career management team!”

“Marty has a passion for what he does and it clearly shows in his work. Marty wants his clients ‘to win’ as he expressed that to me in one of our sessions, and he makes sure of it when he is creating the resume.”

“I was referred to Marty by a good friend. The results were immediate and impressive. I am very thankful to have worked with Marty and would definitely use his talents again.”

“I recently used Marty Weitzman’s resume service based on a recommendation from a well-respected colleague. It is hard to do justice to the simply wonderful quality of Marty’s work. His inventive approach to the resume writing process is a noteworthy differentiator in the marketplace and absolutely worth the investment.”

“Marty just completed my project and I couldn’t be more pleased with every aspect of the experience. The quality of his work is ‘best in class’ and he is a class act as well.”

“I used Martin to help write my resume and for guidance. He was absolutely fantastic and I would strongly recommend him. He has a keen understanding of the marketplace and what employers are looking for.”

“I have known Martin for over ten years—and he was described to me then as the best resource for having a professional resume. Today I would add he is also the best resource for FaceBook, LinkedIn, and other areas of social media.”

“Time with Martin is not just well spent, there should be a regular ‘check in’ annually to make sure that you are being represented to the world in the manner that is most accurate—and desirable, too.”

“Martin is a phenomenal writer. His background serves him well to help hone resumes in various industries. He’s strategic, concise, an expert in his craft, and extraordinarily pleasant. Without hesitation, I’d recommend Marty again, and I’d work with him again as well.”

“Marty is not only a great resume writer, but he is an invaluable career coach. Marty asked questions to help me identify significant situations and to highlight important details. Marty’s writing brought life to my resume and cover letters. The process helped me crystalize what I wanted in my next career move.”

“Martin was instrumental in helping me revamp my resume to successfully make a career change from consulting to a senior position in HR at a large public company.”

“Marty was fantastic to work with . . . I highly recommend him as a professional resume writer and career advisor.”

“Not only is Marty a wonderful writer who knows a quick and effective turn of phrase, but through years of corporate experience in the real world as a successful recruiter, he is adept at drilling down to the essence of a candidate’s professional value offering through a knowledge-driven give and take review process.

I should know, for I’ve experienced Marty’s talents first hand and what he can do to reinvigorate a seemingly sagging job search campaign. I’m pleased to advise that once my revised resume was released; there was no longer need for me to solicit employment opportunities… the opportunities came to me!”

“Marty has an outstanding ability to dilute your expertise and work experience into a results focused, highly impactful product. He personally worked with me and, unlike other services, he won’t dish you off to an amateur writer. His efforts greatly increased the number of contacts received via my LinkedIn profile, which resulted in a fantastic career advancement.”

“I will describe Marty in one word: phenomenal!!”

“I thought I had a solid resume until Marty fine-tuned it. He really took it to the next level for me and I will always be appreciative. He’s at the top of his field and I recommend him highly.”

“I have used Marty on 3 occasions. The first 2 I landed a new position very quickly. I have just started out with my new resume and have already received great feedback and have 2 interviews lined up. I will update this when I have started a new job. Marty is a good listener with an ability to get your message across on a single sheet of paper. I can only say thank you.”

“Marty is an excellent resume writer who is skilled, a pleasure to work with and, more importantly, someone who makes miracles happen through results. His work was beyond anything I had expected and brought my experience to life in a concise and clear manner and caught the eye of recruiters. This was the best investment I made as far as my career is concerned.”

“When I hired Marty, I had only a few recommendations to go by and thought maybe the cost was too great for the service. Boy was I wrong! I gave this gentleman the info for my resume and he also sent an email blast. Within 2 days I had 5 appointments; and got a new job the following week. He is the expert and I promise you’ll be happy.”

“I’ve worked with Marty several times over the last few years and have found him to be the ultimate professional. Not only is he a great wordsmith, but he is a great collaborator, coach and even occasional therapist.”

“Phenomenal resume writing ability and I leveraged his extensive recruiters network to secure multiple high quality interviews within days of using his services.”

“Marty Weitzman is an expert resume writer with a broad and impressive background. I have referred people in job transition to Marty for resume writing and the results were excellent.”

“There is only one way to describe Martin: magic man. I approached him to help me with my resume after I heard many good things about him. He delivers exceptional results, and as soon as he was done with my resume, it scored me a job in just under a week.”

“I wouldn’t let anyone else write my resume or cover letter. Both times I used Marty’s service, I received numerous job interviews and job offers. I have been frequently complimented on the quality of my resume and have referred Marty to many people.”

“Bottom line; I interviewed with four companies, narrowed the focus to two opportunities, received two good offers, and accepted a director level position in healthcare . . . the cycle time in a very challenging market/economy was 6 weeks. Marty, I acknowledge your leadership and contribution. Well done.”

“Marty is the ‘go to’ person for resumes. He has been instrumental in securing opportunities for me in the past. I wouldn’t think of going to anyone but Marty.”

“Martin Weitzman is a master resume writer with all the tangibles and intangibles necessary to differentiate each candidate from the competition by using your accomplishments to draw a straight line between where you are in your search and the job you should have.”

“In a word: ‘brilliant!’  He is also perceptive, helpful, and goes the extra mile!”

“Marty is a career coach/consultant without peer. His experience, knowledge base and professionalism speak to his success.”

“Marty took a barely average business resume and made it a veritable job-winner. Insightful consultation, exhaustive research, original thinking about you, and vibrant writing will produce an exceptional product for today’s marketplace. Marty is one of the best investments I have ever made for my career. He earns my esteem, and my highest endorsement!”

“Marty is a skilled craftsman at his profession. He combines a penetrating understanding of every type of field and business with a personal ‘drilled down’ understanding of a person’s roles and accomplishments in that business.”