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How and When to Follow Up During Your Job Search
Every job seeker on the planet has experienced the agony of waiting to hear—about a job, an interview, a key contact, a next step in the selection process. These . . . Read more

How to Ask for a Raise
Follow these three simple steps to negotiate a higher level of pay in your current job. 1. Get Ready. Before marching into your boss’s office, arm yourself with some critical information. Start by doing . . . Read more

Networking: Key to a Successful Job Search
No matter how popular and how easy it is to apply for jobs online, the vast majority of people still find jobs the old-fashioned way: by talking to people they know and making personal connections to people who can . . . Read more

Rev Up Your Résumé: Expert Secrets to Add Power, Punch, and Personality
There’s no doubt about it, your résumé is an important tool in your job search. It is a door-opener that can lead to interviews and job offers. Often it’s your first chance to make a positive impression on people who can give you advice, assistance, and . . . Read more

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