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The 11 Biggest Mistakes Older Job Hunters Make
Older workers get jobs. It might take a little more time for a myriad of reasons, but employers really aren’t out to shun workers over 50. They do want grown-ups in the shop. We tend to be loyal, even-keeled, reliable. We bring intangibles to the workplace from experience to a vast network of connections. These are not things the whippersnapper cohort can even dream to do at this stage in their lives.


25 Things You Can Do For Your Job Search Today!
One of the challenges that keeps many job seekers from accomplishing much for their job search from day to day is that they don’t know what to do next! After they’ve accomplished whatever was on their agenda, the default is usually sitting down in front of their computer, and surfing job postings for hours. Maybe applying to a few, however, almost never with any results. So what’s the alternative? Here are 25 tasks (in no significant order) that you can do when you don’t know what to do next.


Employers Care About More Than Competence
While certain technical skills for a position are critical… employers don’t often hire the most technically qualified person. Rather, they hire the person that offers the best all-around package! Simply because a resume shows someone has the most relevant experience, does not mean they will be the one selected. Employers care about more than competence!


“Fortune” 100 Best Companies to Work For
Fortune Magazine’s Top 100 companies for 2013.


I’ve Been Successful… Why Can’t I Land a Job?
Although it can feel humbling to have achieved great success in previous roles and not seem to be able to easily find a job, it’s an extremely common challenge. It requires more networking than the average job seeker, and the same tenacity, professionalism, and optimism that likely enabled you to achieve your career success in the first place.


Never Give Up Your Job Search!
It’s not unfair to discriminate against someone for a mis-matched skillset, for unprofessional appearance for customer facing roles, for too little experience, or other directly job related factors. It is obviously unfair discrimination, however, to reject someone based on race, sex, or other non-job related factors. So, if you do face challenges in landing a job because of unfair discrimination, what should you do? The simple answer is… Never Give Up!