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With 100 million members and growing, LinkedIn is no longer an option, it is a must!

As one of the recognized leaders in the résumé industry, I know how to create the impact you need and ensure your profile is saturated with the right keywords and phrases.

If you are seeking a new position,

Fortune Magazine: “LinkedIn will fire up your career!”

Facebook is for fun. Tweets have a short shelf life. If you’re serious about managing your career, the only social site that really matters is LinkedIn. In today’s job market an invitation to “join my professional network” has become more obligatory—and more useful—than swapping business cards and churning out résumés. Being on LinkedIn puts you in the company of people with impressive credentials: The average member is a college-educated 43-year-old making $107,000. More than a quarter are senior executives. Every Fortune 500 company is represented.

That’s why recruiters rely on the site to find even the highest-caliber executives: Oracle (ORCL, Fortune 500) found CFO Jeff Epstein via LinkedIn in 2008. In this environment, job seekers can do their networking without looking as if they’re shopping themselves around.  This population is more valuable to recruiters as well. While online job boards like focus on showcasing active job hunters, very often the most talented and sought-after recruits are those currently employed. Headhunters have a name for people like these: passive candidates.

I create a keyword-rich profile with compelling headline and summary, professional experience, education, and other pertinent information, including websites, honors and awards, groups and associations, interests, and all relevant data.

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