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5 Best-Practice LinkedIn Strategies for Executives
You’ll need to consider LinkedIn strategies that differ substantially from that of mid-career professionals. For example, many executives choose to limit the information they distribute on LinkedIn, due to company confidentiality or other reasons. Executives are also typically approached more often than other users on LinkedIn, either as a potential employer or by a recruiter piqued by their qualifications.


10 Facebook and Twitter Mistakes That Could Cost You Your Job
78% of job recruiters check search engines for background on candidates, and 63 percent check social media sites, too. So it doesn’t matter how you set your privacy settings, whether you friend your boss on Facebook, or how few followers you have: What you do on social media every day can have a very real impact on your career and your salary.


How To Attract Recruiters To Your LinkedIn Profile
Without having to leave their desks, recruiters are now able to view the professional background of all potential candidates based on their LinkedIn profiles.