Long-Term Unemployment


DIY Resume Writing Advice

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The following is some insider insights on how to create a solid DIY résumé. That is, if you’re brave enough to undertake the task on your own, knowing full well the consequences if in the end your résumé turns out to be a faux 2 carat Cubic Zirconia instead of the brilliant 2 carat diamond you hoped it would be. Read more


3 Ways to Make Your Résumé More Recruiter-Friendly

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When you’re writing your résumé or working on your LinkedIn profile, we bet you’ve wished you could get into hiring managers’ heads. What are they really looking for? How can you make your resume catch their eyes? Read more


10 Mistakes That Will Get Your Job Application Thrown Away

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When hiring managers post jobs, many times they get many more applications than they care to go through. They want to find that needle in the haystack that is the perfect person for the job, but it can be incredibly tedious to go through a pile of applications.

Hiring managers look for things to weed out people who are unlikely to be successful in the job. They also want to get the hiring process over as soon as possible, especially if the position has been vacant for a while.

Don’t make your application one of the first ones discarded. Read more


How To Cope With Long Term Unemployment

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I often mention in my posts why it’s important to belong to job search networking groups. That is because I am the founder and facilitator of 2 such groups. For the last 5 years, I have met with job searchers in various stages of their search. The members represent different industries and roles. The thing they all had in common was their job search stress and frustration. Read more


Managing Expectations

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I had a cup of coffee with someone that is currently looking for a new job. He’s an executive level professional that has been very successful in his career, recently took advantage of a buyout opportunity, and is a couple of weeks into his job search.

As we were talking about his progress so far, he talked about a challenge he’s facing that is extremely common among unemployed job seekers…. Family and friends put expectations on him since he has so much “free” time available while he’s unemployed. Read more


Are Temp, Contract, Consulting Assignments Worthwhile?

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I’m often asked by job seekers whether I think they ought to check out a temporary position instead of waiting to land a new FTE (Full Time Employee) role. While everyone’s situation is different… most of the time my answer is… Yes! Read more


Older, Unemployed, and Landing the Job

I was laid off four times in my career before I turned 50. But when it happened again two years ago, I had just turned 59. Getting laid off at that age is a different ballgame. I knew I could bring value to a company, but in moments of frustration during the job hunt, I wondered how long it would take to find another job, and there was always the chance I wouldn’t be able to find one. Read more